All of our staff has been trained to recognize the specific needs of every lawn that we service.  All equipment is top of line in the industry and maintained weekly to ensure your lawn is manicured to perfection.  What does that mean you ask?  It means even cuts, clean blade cuts to minimize browning tips, 90 degree edging along walks and landscape beds, mowing pattern rotations every two-three weeks, no clipping debris in landscape beds or the lawn areas, and all walkways, driveways, porches, and other structures will be blown off.  In the Fall, this also includes all removal of leaves and branches.

To keep lawns healthy, weed-free, and beautiful, we also provide our clients with the option of lawn treatments.  Currently, Premier Professionals offers five basic granular lawn treatments a year, along with an over-seeding and aeration treatment in the Fall. They are as follows:

  1. Early Spring – Pre-emergent weed and crabgrass preventer

  2. Mid to Late Spring – Two in One Weed and Feed

  3. Early to Mid-Summer – Summer-guard feed with Insecticide

  4. Early to Mid-Fall – All Purpose Turf Feed  (Aeration/Over-seeding )

  5. Mid-Fall to Late Fall – Winterizer Weed and Feed Blend

 (Depending upon the amount of rainfall, additional treatments may be required. It is recommended that an additional feeding occur during the Spring or an over-seeding.)

We offer our client the convenience of an 9-12 month contract with a standard monthly rate that depends on the estimate for that particular yard.  All cuts, treatments, and removal of leaves are contained with the monthly payment broken down over the 8-9 month period.  Premier Professionals will agree to cut your yard every week as needed and weather permitting.  We have built a reputation on going out of our way to please our clients and upholding our commitments.

Call Premier Professionals, Inc. and Receive Your Lawn Care Quote Today!  We Look Forward to Serving You Soon!